Andreea's Portraits of Love

Hi! I’m Andreea - a portraitevent and wedding photographer who's lived in the UK, US and Europe and travelled extensively up and down the globe. Based in west London I photograph people and events in the capital, but enjoy working with clients from all around Britain and the rest of the world. If I was to describe my craft / style of photography I’d introduce it as 'Portraits of Love', and here’s why:

LinkedIn Portraits by Andreea Tufescu Photography

From soul mates and couples madly in love with each other, to families, children or friends bonding over sheer moments of joy, from musicians passionate about their sounds to actors and performers who live to entertain the crowds - there's nothing more beautiful than photographing love, passion, happiness and dedication in all their forms.

Some time ago I heard a wonderful saying - 'Wherever you go, go with all your heart' - and this has been my motto throughout life. From a professional perspective, living by it enables me to embrace the projects I take on completely. Photography is more than a passion - I absolutely love what I do and people say it translates into my work.

Whether it’s beautiful photos for your professional portfolio, or preserving an extra-special moment in your life, capturing a joyful event or celebration, or designing a family portrait album to cherish over the time - I love to help clients create their ideal photographs!

This is why in essence Portraits of Love by Andreea Tufescu Photography are visual stories of all the amazing humans I've worked with so far and what they hold special in their hearts...

Creative Photography for Unconventional Spirits

My interest in photography started in my early teens but it’s only years later when I got my first digital camera, that the love for this craft just blossomed. Today I couldn't imagine my life without the ability of capturing the essence of people, places, and things around me with the click of a button!

That magic of freezing time, of seizing unique moments and preserving them as precious memories is what fascinates me about photography. With a masters degree in Visual Communication and as a passionate self-taught photographer, my goal is to use the power of this medium to tell a story - that of a special day, person or couple. Whether through portrait photographyalternative wedding imagery, social or cultural events or family portraiture - people photography as a whole allows me to pursue a dream while making others happy along the way.

A fan of the unconventional, I’m often inspired by a relaxed ceremony surrounded by nature, a bespoke engagement or a fun family portrait session, an unusual concept for musician or artist portraiture, a photoshoot in a remote, quirky location, or by the pure magic of a live performance event. So if you're after images that are bright, fun and vibrant, and seeking a creative, high-energy professional to work with, I look forward to hearing from you!

I take great pride in the level of care and personalised service I offer all my clients. I love getting to know the people I work with, and always strive to deliver stand-out visuals and images to be treasured for years to come.

Nothing compares to those OOOHS and AAAHs of surprise and excitement of a happy customer - that's what I aim for with every photoshoot. Let's see what we can imagine and craft together, the possibilities are endless! To start planning your dream session just go to the Contact Form.