If we've recently worked together to create some photography magic, this is the secret gate the takes you to the enchanted kingdom of dancing visuals, love-filled memories, time-frozen  moments, flying images and possibly some faeries... 

Just kidding, but this is still the place to be:

- If you've booked me for a wedding, an engagement photoshoot or portrait session that has already taken place and you're looking to browse your gallery of finished photos

- If we've met at a London professional or social event or we exchanged details at a private family gathering and you wish to enquire about purchasing digital files for your website or prints as a souvenir, or

- If you simply like my work and would like to get some of my images as prints or decorative wall art

Welcome to the Client Area


EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY: Once you get to the other side, please select your cultural or social event from the list available. You will be required to enter a valid email address, but once you do, you may browse the albums, buy digital downloads, order prints and personalised products.


PORTRAITS & HEADSHOTS: Clients get a private photo gallery which can be shared with proud family members and close friends. As soon as you view and you're happy with your images, you may pass on the login information to your loved ones.


WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: Please note that most galleries will be password-protected. If you've attended a wedding that I photographed recently, please get in touch with the bride and groom to get access to the login details.


FAMILY PORTRAITS / CHILDREN / COUPLES PHOTO SESSIONS: Just like the individual portraits, all clients get a private photo gallery which can be shared with family and friends. Once you visit it and approve your photographs for viewing, you may share the login information with your loved ones.