As I am so dedicated to my craft and unique portraiture in general, I strive to deliver bespoke images and custom tailored sessions for a wide spectrum of individuals in the artistic industries and creative occupations. The only one common element is the passion and joy of the performers and entertainers I work with - that's why I call my images 'Portraits of Love': love of sound, movement, images, colours, words, sensations, emotions, love of audiences, of performing and getting transposed to another world.

 Group Portrait Hestia Saxophone Quartet by London photographer Andreea Tufescu

There are no limits regarding my clients and photo collaborations for artist portraiture. Andreea Tufescu Photography works equally with individuals, groups or institutions for all types of artistic promotional photography.


Starting off as a musician portrait photographer in a city like London, my experience covers most types of performers and classical instruments - from a violin to a clarinet, from a harp to a saxophone, oboe or cello. To date I have worked brilliantly with music composers, soloists, conductors and their orchestras, chamber music groups - producing some amazing promo images used by my clients and institutions around the world.


Advertise your theatre / dance company's upcoming show or festival, opera, musical productions, ballet performances or contemporary dance recitals with beautiful action shots in high energy, vibrant photography. Based on my customers' feedback images by Andreea Tufescu are ideal for arts marketing and general publicity, flyers, leaflets or brochures, promotion on social media.


Specialising in portraiture and events, and driven by a real passion for the music and entertainment industry, I love to blend the two styles of photography to create great visuals for bands and music groups. From indie rock to hiphop, reggae to ska, alternatives genres are right within my area of interest and expertise.

Your CD cover, web gallery, concert posters and publicity material deserve to be shot by a professional London photographer. Become part of a unique portfolio and get amazing stand-out photos, shot and tailored to you specifically by Andreea Tufescu Photography.


Asian Bride Live Show by London photographer Andreea Tufescu

As a trained specialist in visual communication, fashion photography is a major source of excitement. The majority of my artist portraits and headshots incorporate elements of commercial fashion photography. From settings to looks, from posing to model styling and then editing, beauty-type shots and glamorised musician portraiture have been so far extremely popular with my clients.

So whether you are an up-and-coming designer looking to shoot your next look book or to have your upcoming catwalk show captured in great detail, a make-up artist or hair-stylist who wishes to display their work through professional images or if you are model in need of new portfolio shots - I look forward to hear from you!


Just as my performers portraits and headshots, these images will be fully customised to fit your style and capture your personality. We'll convey your desired message or tell a story through powerful visuals - my photos are perfectly suited for printed and online publications, magazines and other promotional materials.

  • LIVE PERFORMANCE IN LONDON OR EUROPE - photography for concerts, festivals and live shows

Having worked and gained so much experience with people photography over the past few years, being a concert or live performance photographer comes as a second nature to me.

Be it indoor or outdoor, smaller or larger venues, street festivals, rock concerts, cabaret, stand-up comedy shows or classical orchestras in concert - my trademark as Andreea Tufescu Photography is focusing on event sessions with a relaxed, portraiture-like approach, seeking and capturing the genuine spark and awesome interactions between performers and their crowds.


LinkedIn Portraits by Andreea Tufescu Photography - Designer Anc

One of the newest services offered by Andreea Tufescu Photography - LinkedIn profile shots or business-like professional portraiture - is designed for all those working in sectors such as Creative Arts, Education, Not for Profit organisations, IT, Marketing, HR and everything in between. Whether in managerial or support roles, each individual should be able to present themselves confidently with beautiful images that not only look professional, but capture their personality at the same time.

Today all companies and institutions, London universities, conservatoires, museums, art galleries, theatres, small local businesses, start-ups and so on, are equally expected to provide their online audiences with a great user experience including relevant information, contact details and up-to-date photographs for different members of their teams, consultants, managers and directors. Moreover company webpages, blogs, articles and all digital content are greatly enhanced by the right photography, and my expertise in professional portrait photography, personal branding and visual communication is a real advantage for my clients.

Headshots and portraits by Andreea Tufescu are available for London business professionals, entrepreneurs, trainers, conference and event speakers, company leadership teams in three different styles:

  1. The most traditional are studio-type of shots with professional lighting, sending the most formal message on corporate identity;
  2. A recent trend are office portraits incorporating client branding and corporate elements for a more contemporary look;
  3. Last but not least, professional portraits and headshots in outdoor locations near your place of business using mainly natural light, suitable for a more relaxed organisational culture.