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So you wanna get to know us. That's an awesome first step in any beautiful relationship!

Hi, we're Andreea & Adi, a London based, photography-lovin' wife & husband power duo, ever-enthusiastic about the next adventure in our life!


Music and travel addicts, nature lovers, street art hunters, board sports enthusiasts, serious foodies & collectors of yummy recipes from around the world. Together for over 15 years, married for nearly 10. Fans of unconventional humans and fellow soulmates who aren't afraid to celebrate their big day THEIR WAY.


Think of us as two friends that you just haven't met yet. Only with really good cameras and a huuuge passion for photos. Most likely the same mindset too, but we are to discover that as we get to know each other. That's why we get excited about your wedding as if it's our best mate getting married. And why we bring our best energy too.


We love relaxed, fun, effortless photography. Creative storytelling. Vibrant imagery. Non-cheesy, non kitsch, non-cliche. Beautiful wedding portraits combined with candid moments and exciting event photography in a natural, unobtrusive style.


In a world of traditional white weddings it's OK to be different. We actually prefer it that way :)

So what if everyone's doing things by the book and society expects you to conform? IT'S YOUR DAY, go do what makes you happy! From alternative wedding venues to colourful wedding dresses and shoes, from alternative wedding entertainment to offbeat ceremonies, we are thrilled when our couples put their own stamp on the event of a lifetime!

We agree that love is love and all weddings are special, just like each couple's love story; the quirkier the details though, the better wedding visuals we get! There's no reason why you shouldn't let your imagination run wild. Have some fun with the choosing your outfits, the ceremony and party locations, the rings, the cake, the flowers, the overall theme.... and no second-guessing!  You dream it & it makes you happy, we're here to capture it!

The moment we really ‘click’ with our couples is when we know that our wedding photography will preserve a unique story and a legacy. It’s such a rewarding feeling to be part of someone’s most special life event while coming as professionals and leaving as friends!


Where do we thrive creatively, you wonder? Inspiration and joy come in many forms, but here's a hint of what gets us really excited:

• Alternative wedding photography with an urban vibe

We love the city and its unexpectedness, London and its raw energy, the old buildings contrasting with the new, its graffitti covered alleyways, funky pubs and music halls, alternative urban venues that bring mystery and distinctiveness to your wedding photos - these are all perfect backdrops for quirky portraits & bohemian chic couples!

• Alternative wedding photography surrounded by the great outdoors

Dramatic, natural backdrops and unique outdoor settings are also high on our list of favourite photo locations. London and the UK have beautiful greenery, leafy parks, rural landscapes and beautiful beaches - what better places to capture beautiful portraits of our alternative soulmates?

• Alternative wedding photography infused with countryside charm

Fell in love with a rustic location just perfect for your whimsical wedding? A barn, a woodland, a farm or a countryside estate ? We'll be there in a heartbeat, as this is right up our visual alley! Dreaming of being photographed surrounded by pretty villages and narrow cobbled streets, historic churches, city halls or century-old pubs - we look forward to freeze that magic for you!

• Alternative wedding photography abroad

Aaah... alternative weddings in exotic destinations, far-away corners of the world, barefoot beach weddings or celebrations with an ethnic element... These are an absolute joy to photograph! Having been together for over 15 years travelling from North America to the Carribean, from Europe to South-East Asia, from North Africa to Australia and the Pacific - we are great at making the most of the colours, symbols, patterns, customs and uniqueness of each destination and its people. We love new experiences, meeting your guests and scouting for quirky locations, bonding with locals and incorporating a bit of the local charm into your wedding shots.


As declared fans of the non-traditional / quirky / offbeat / creative / whimsical / rock 'n roll / unconventional we have a list of themed weddings we'd really love to capture in London or around the world. Do get in touch if you're planning one of these events - we'd be over the moon to work with you & happy to offer a cool discount too!

1. Anything Tim Burton-inspired

2. A Festival themed wedding

3. A 1950s/1960s Jazz / NYC theme

4. Alice in Wonderland wedding

5. A skatepark ceremony

6. Graffiti/street art themed wedding

7. Caribbean beach barefoot wedding

8. Dia de los Muertos / Mexican fiesta themed wedding

9. Game of Thrones wedding

10. A vintage Cabaret / Circus / Moulin Rouge themed wedding

11. Alternative Japanese culture inspired wedding

12. An abandoned building ceremony (church/mansion/warehouse/music hall)

13. A gothic romance extravaganza

14. A rainbow themed wedding

15. A lighthouse ceremony


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