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If you're part of a conscious entrepreneur community these days, you may already be familiar with business portraiture, the need for professional headshots and promotional photography. Furthermore everywhere in the online business-sphere - startup owners, trainers, speakers and motivators, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs of all kinds, discuss and aspire to show-stopping 'personal branding'. We're all aware of its strength and implications. As players in different industries compete for attention and for winning consumers' hearts, having the right image and a visual identity that speaks the language of our audience becomes a top priority for all of us.

To be in business today, your most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.
— Thomas Peters, author and branding pioneer

Individually tailored sessions for the modern entrepreneur

 Business Portraits by Andreea Tufescu Photography - Business Women - Global Woman founder Mirela Sula

So why is personal branding photography and business portraiture so powerful for professionals around the world? From a marketing point of view, a unique portfolio of expressive, professionally crafted, on-brand images becomes a game changer for all business owners out there.

As an experienced photographer and visual communication specialist, I'm by my clients' side every step of the creative process. I will work with you to produce the best professional headshots, your best bespoke portraits, your favourite personal branding photos, your new exciting visual content for your website gallery or social media. From posed shots to candid portraits, from individual LinkedIn headshots to team photos, from product photography to behind-the-scenes action shots, we've got it all covered!

Like what you hear and feeling reassured? Keep reading then, you may have found your London portrait and headshot photographer!

Designed to attract your ideal clients and elevate your brand

A brand and the 'personal' aspect of it is what makes you special and different, it's about how you look, what you say, how you act, what people feel about working with you. It's rather intangible, a feeling, a desire, but has a whole lot to do with visual elements and individual perceptions. Here's how professional business photography comes into play to boost your perceived value as a brand:

Personal Branding Photos by Andreea Tufescu - Emmie F.jpg
  • You are suddenly standing out from your competitors in a very busy online environment

  • Your image becomes recognisable and familiar, gradually building trust with your potential customers

  • You convey a professional message about your skills, your ethics and your overall approach to business

  • Clients get a feel of the quality of your services and products and a positive perception of your brand

  • Your confidence is instantly boosted, giving you a chance to shine when meeting new contacts, connecting online with prospective customers or partners

Ready to take this to the next level? I offer several photography options to suit different needs and business requirements. Have a browse of all my packages and get in contact to book your next fab portraiture experience!


Personal Branding Photography London

Fancy a portrait photoshoot with the Wow factor to tell your story? Personal branding photo sessions are meant to capture the true essence of any professional, in other words showing the world what makes you ... YOU! 

This package is usually set in & around your place of business, and includes carefully composed portraits and headshots, as well as candid photographs of you creating your brilliant product or delivering your awesome service to your customers. It's all about you and how you wish to be perceived, communicating your slightly unconventional, creative, strong or playful side, tailoring the session with you in mind every step of the way.

 Business Portraits by Andreea Tufescu Photography - Women's Empowerment Coach AnYes van Rhijn

Personal Branding Portrait Session


2-2.5 Hour Photo Session, 12 Digital Files

A complimentary 10’x8’ matted art print to take home

Recommended for: fearless entrepreneurs, business owners, freelance creatives, people in the public eye proactively shaping their communication strategy

The most valuable of all portrait offerings, the personal branding session will portray your business and special skills in the best light possible, boosting your confidence at the same time. If all eyes are on you, give them your best to look at!

The personal branding session includes:

  • 2 to 2.5 Hours Photo Session, 12 Digital Files in high resolution

  • 30-minute consultation session

  • Fully guided photoshoot, including posing, colour and styling advice

  • Option to change in 3 or 4 outfits

  • Mix of posed portraits, headshots and candid photographs of you 'in action'

  • Professional editing and skin retouching on all chosen images

  • Private online gallery to view and pick your favourites

  • Additional professional lighting equipment where necessary

  • One complimentary 10’x8’ matted art print to display proudly at your office or to admire at home!

Bespoke Portraits and Business Headshots London - on location

If you're in an industry where personal image requires more than professional, formal-looking headshots, and your goal is to stand out through warm, fun and approachable photos, this may be your portrait and headshot option.

Business Portraits by Andreea Tufescu Photography - Creative Pro

Bespoke Portraits and Headshots on-location


1-1.5 Hour Photo Session, 8 Digital Files

Recommended for: professional clients looking for a tailor-made session and unique set of portraits and headshots

Wonder about the bespoke nature of the package? Here's the scoop: it's a customised portrait session where you have a say about the location, the energy you wish to channel, the look and feel of your photos. We'll start with an initial consultation and work together to create a unique concept true to your personality! Why wouldn't you exude confidence and style if your new shots can reflect how beautiful / handsome you really are?

The bespoke portrait package comes with: 

  • 1 to 1.5 Hours Photo Session, 8 Digital Files in web resolution

  • An option to shoot in 2 different outfits

  • Posing guidance and advice on what to wear

  • Private online gallery to view and pick your favourites

  • Professional editing and skin retouching on all chosen images

LinkedIn Portraits and Headshots London - in studio

Are your online profile pictures taken a while ago and no longer reflect your gorgeous self? Are you looking to make a lasting impression with each new online interaction? It might just be the right time to refresh your image with a new set of professional headshots!

 Professional Portraits and Headshots London by Andreea Tufescu Photography

Studio Portraits and Headshots London


30 Minute Photo Session, 3 Digital Files, Mon to Fri only

Recommended for: professionals, corporate people, business owners in need of a quick online makeover

The studio package is an affordable option to getting your new awesome look out there - a quick 30 minute photoshoot will give you those new shiny shots you've been waiting for!

This type of session is available Monday to Friday in my W6 studio or outdoor nearby, OR at your London office for a minimum of 4 people. Rates are £140 per person for Central London based companies, entrepreneurs, business owners and institutions, and £130 per person for local W6 businesses. Discounts are available for bigger teams of 8 members or more, please get in touch for details.

The LinkedIn studio package offers:

  • 30-Minute Photo Session, 3 Digital Files

  • Posing guidance on the day

  • Private online gallery to view and pick your favourites

  • Professional editing and skin retouching on all chosen images

Website and Social Media Photography

Does you web presence need some sparkle, your Instagram or Facebook feed a proper make-over? If you're serious about stepping-up your game the social media photography package offers the best value for this purpose!

 Professional Portraits by Andreea Tufescu Photography - Healthcare Professionals - Bowen Therapists Tecuci

Website & Social Media Package

from £650 - one session, up to 4 hours, 50 images

Recommended for: clients launching a new website, rethinking their social media strategy and looking to 'beautify' all their channels and social feed with consistent, on-brand imagery

The starting point is a one-off 4 hour photoshoot where all aspects of your business are captured in the best light possible. From candid shots of your staff and team members to portraits of yourself in action, your products and services, your business premises and location, your company pet, stationery bits and everything in between will be featured in the gallery of 50 web ready images with professional edits and enhancements and a licence for promotional use!

Need more to keep your audience delighted? There are saver options available when you book two, three of four shoots a year! Get in touch to discuss your requirements via my Contact Form.

Event Portrait Photography / The Speaker Package

Camera, lights, action! Own the spotlight and dare to shine!

Live Portraits or Portraiture in Action is a photography package designed specifically for public figures, trainers, speakers, motivators, authors, media personalities. It's perfect for those who deliver talks and presentations regularly as part of their job and whose image is an essential part of their brand / public persona.

Want to look on top of your game always? To impress followers and your wider audience with current photography from your most recent gigs? By booking this package you get your private London event photographer to capture the best moments from your workshop, masterclass or any live engagement. Why depend on blurry phone images from members of the public, when you can 'show off' with well-composed, sharp professional images that make just the right impression. Let everyone see your passion, knowledge and charisma with these professional portraits in action!

 Event Photography by Andreea Tufescu - West London Professionals - Business Consultant Lisa Woodward

Portraiture in Action

£150 per 1-hour event, 10 images, Mon to Fri only

Recommended for: communication specialists and public figures, those who inspire and motivate for a living, participants in frequent events and professional talks

Professional Product Photography London

Does your company sell things through an e-commerce platform? Need to update your online shopfront with exciting pictures of lovely new products? Then the product photography package is the one for you!

Personal Branding and Product Photography by Andreea Tufescu - S

Product Photography

* £450 half day * £700 full day

Recommended for: online retailers, businesses with e-commerce platforms or websites that need fresh, up-to-date image galleries

Grow your customer fan base, increase your sales, and Wow your customers with beautiful, bright imagery. Show full sized items as well as details, showcase the best of what your business has to offer. Each photographed product will come with 2-3 brochure-ready shots/angles with professional editing when you book this photo package. Whether it's cakes, flowers, jewellery, fashion accessories or clothing, hand made little treasures, make up or personal care, fragrances or home decor, I'll make your products the stars of the show!

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